Oops, I may have blown it

It was the potato in the middle of the courtyard that gave me away. Lizzie spotted it, complete with its little shoots. I saw her thinking ‘I’m sure I planted that in the greenhouse yesterday’, so I went and hid while she went to the greenhouse to inspect.   I did wonder if it was the right thing to be doing as I dug in all the crates full of compost. But I had seen her doing just that yesterday so, eager to help, I gave it my best shot. I even managed to get all the soil out of two of them. The ones with tiny seeds in I just ruffled about a bit, swapping soil from one to another. She’d put a sort of barrier up at the doorway, but surely she didn’t think that would stop li’l ol’ me when I was so keen to help.




Well, frankly she went off on one. She found me. Then, with a weird white face shouted at me and did that waggly finger thing. I scraped my tummy along the floor and went to hide in her office, with Jonty for protection. Not that he’d be much use. He’s been like a bluddy saint ever since that Queen Thanda got here.

I don’t know if it was just the greenhouse thing or whether she was upset that, between us five dogs, we’ve managed to poo more than we ate. She clattered the bucket about and grumbled her way round the garden picking up our poo with a tiny rake and a shovel that was very expensive and meant only for scooping precious compost. She’s way too precious about compost in my view. Anyway, I just kept thinking ‘she’s got it easy at the moment. The poo’s sun-dried. Just wait ’til it rains.’




The thing that worries me most is that the Queen and I are supposed to be going to a party at my friend Lily-Blue’s house this evening. I’m really worried that I won’t be allowed to go. More later…..

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